• Shay Gabso - שי גבסו

I will raise my head


I walk now in the path of the present like a child walking into oblivion my hands are extended asking for help to continue the journey with you and on the sides the flowers as though they lost their identity searching for a ray of light that would help another small gulp of water from the wells of wisdom that will bring them the hope I will raise my head, I'll lift my eyes to the mountains in the distance and my voice will be heard as a scream, as a prayer of a human and my heart will call out "where will my help come from" I pass now between new landscapes the steps are taken so slowly what is there that is not here I asked a passer-by what do you guard in your heart the city senior whose whole past rests on his back glances around and looks for his world when the present is so hard he doesn't say a word, I will raise my head toward tomorrow I will raise my head...

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