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An historic moment!!

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

23rd of May 2022

This is news I've been waiting 20 years to write, and one I’m delighted to send! Saturday's (21st of May 2022) Australian federal election result will mean something different to each and every one of us. But for animals - this is an historic moment. That’s because the incoming Labor government, and most of the new and expanded crossbench, have publicly pledged to bring the cruel live sheep export trade to an end. It was nearly two decades ago that I conducted Animals Australia's first live export investigation. I so clearly remember the shock I felt as I witnessed the brutal killing of Australian sheep in a Kuwaiti slaughterhouse. On the plane home, armed with the most damning evidence of animal cruelty, I felt that no government could support this industry once they knew the suffering it caused. I could not have predicted that it would take dozens of further challenging investigations across the Middle East and North Africa; multiple major media exposés; and a brave whistle-blower to risk his life to document the suffering on board live export vessels, to turn the political tide against this industry. That day has finally come. Live sheep export will end.

Whatever form our new government takes, animals will have the strongest representation in the Federal Parliament in Australian history. The incoming Labor government - with near universal support from the crossbench - have also committed to inject much needed independence into decisions that impact animals. This holds the potential to be paradigm-shifting for all animals in this country. Animals Australia will be ensuring these hard-won election commitments become government policies as soon as possible. Never before has an elected government made such significant animal welfare commitments. They did so because they heard our voice, they witnessed our compassion and our resilience, and they responded to our demand to bring the cruelty of live sheep export to an end. It is so good we never lost sight of the change that is possible when kind hearts unite in service of our precious fellow species. With love and gratitude,

Lyn White AM Animals Australia

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