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"The Dark History of the Pogrom in Lwów/Lviv: Unveiling the Horrific Untold Story"

Updated: May 3

May 5 2022

The Soviet Union occupied Lvov in September 1939, according to secret provisions of the German-Soviet Pact. Germany invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, occupying Lwów (now Lviv, Ukraine) within a week.

The Germans claimed that the city's Jewish population had supported the Soviets. Ukrainian mobs went on a rampage against the Jews. They stripped and beat Jewish women and men in the streets of Lwów.

Ukrainian partisans supported by German authorities killed about 4,000 Jews in Lvov during this pogrom. US forces discovered this 8mm footage in SS barracks in Augsberg, Germany, after the war. This film was was used as exhibit of Nazi atrocities in the Nuremberg IMT (International Military Tribunal, German War Crimes Trials) and screened in the courtroom on December 13, 1945.


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