Farming in Israel

From drip irrigation to natural pesticides, Israel is home to a vibrant agricultural industry. When you visit Israel, you may want to take some time to see some of the scenic farms and the sophisticated techniques that innovative Israelis have used to make the desert bloom.

The organic farm in Harduf

The organic farm in Harduf grows as much food as possible for our cows. All the dung from our cow-shed returns to our fields as compost. The cows eat food grown according to the organic Bio-Dynamic method, adhering to international standards and they do not get genetically-modified foods or hormones. They are treated using palliative and alternative medicine.The cows' food contains only plant-based ingredients and some minerals, no chemical medicaments are used.​

There is an emphasis on providing improved living conditions for the cows and the calves are grown from their first day according to the organic method, which includes feeding on pure cows' milk, free of any additives and without any milk substitutes. The cows and calves are not fed any foods which contain ingredients from animal origin.

The organic cow-shed is supervised by a supervising company for organic produce. 

Al Alim Medicinal Herb Center

Al Alim's products, medicinal herbs as well as culinary herbs, botanical extracts dry extracts and various nutritional supplement ingredients, are distributed to commercial and industrial companies, pharmacies and health-food stores, clinics and herbalists in Israel. 

Olive-press 'Rish LaKish'

This family owned olive-press is situated in the village of Zippori in the Lower Galilee (5 km from Nazareth).

The olives are handpicked from trees that surround the ancient site of Zippori.

The oil is extracted from the fruit using a combination of ancient and modern methods. In this way they produce a high quality of extra virgin, cold press, kosher organic olive oil.

The press is situated in an environmentally friendly farm that combines "green building", organic vegetable garden, purified water system etc.

Discover the Secret of Desert Agriculture in Israel

During the tour you are presented with the astounding achievements of Israel and the Ramat Negev Agro-Research Center in the development of flourishing agriculture, against all odds in extreme desert conditions, using brackish water in sandy ground.

The Vidor Center – A Window to Agriculture in the Arava

When you travel to the Arava, south of the Dead Sea, you can see hundreds of greenhouses?
How could there be so much water in the Arava?

Here at the Vidor Center, you will learn and experience in a unique interactive way what the Arava is all about: where does the water come from, what is grown in the Arava etc. 

Picking fruit at Bereshit Fruit Farm

Located in the Golan near Kibbutz Merom, Bereshit is Israel’s largest fruit packing house, with abundant, high-quality fruits.

At the Bereshit Visitors Center, you get the opportunity to learn all about Israel’s fruit industry. 

The Salad Trail

Can you name 15 varieties of cherry tomatoes? What about four types of carrots? Have you ever tasted an Uri Kaduri orange? And do you know the difference between the seven varieties of mint leaves?

A three-hour visit to the Salad Trail, a unique touch-and-taste farm in the Hevel Habesor region of the northern Negev, will turn you into an expert grower for the day.

Atachlit – Beta Israel Village

The Beta Israel Village Project is a unique social- business which combines agricultural and educational activities with the intent of preserving Jewish-Ethiopian heritage and establishing it as a sustainable national asset. The Project is the brainchild of the Hineni Society - Network of mission driven Communities, which has been initiating and supporting Jewish-Ethiopian mission driven communities for more than a decade.

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