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 Bird Watching Tour in Hula Lake Park


Hula Lake Park, known in Hebrew as Agamon HaHula is located in the Southern part of the Hula Valley, North of the Sea of Galilee. It has become a major stopover for migrating birds flying from Europe to Africa and back, and also a major birdwatching site. Every year more than 500 million birds make their way from Europe to Africa and Asia and back again. 
The Hula Lake Park has become the number one place to watch thousands of migratory birds and birds of Israel! An internationally acclaimed bird watching park has been developed here. 

Spring and autumn are the best times of the year to visit the Hula Lake Park! 
Scroll down and you will find the different means of transportation you can use in Hula Lake Park:

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Bike tours

You may enjoy your visit to the Park on a bike.


Mystery Wagon

The Mystery Wagon is a camouflaged wagon behind a tractor, which allows the guests a maximum proximity to the birds.

Golf cart

Golf carts are also available in the Park.

Walking tour

The walk around the lake is easy and there are many bird watching observation points along the way.

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