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Tel Megiddo


Group of the foundation 'Dit Koningskind,'
the Netherlands

Dear Annemeet,
Without you this holiday would never have been so cool and fun. A thousand thanks for your clear explanations, your help and all the trips we made. You knew the way and spoke the language. We will never forget you when we think back to this unforgettable trip to beautiful Israel.
Love from all 'Koningskinderen.'


Bea Edwards and Frank Morring

Annemeet, we had a wonderful time with you in the Beautiful Land of Israel. Thank you so much for showing it to us, and sharing your knowledge. We were extremely fortunate to have you as our guide.


Celesta and Ellen Davis

We hired Annemeet for two days while touring in Israel. My mom and I were traveling together, it was our first trip to the country, and both of us had so much on our lists to see. Religious sites, historical sites, etc. We weren't sure we wanted a guide, but a friend recommended Annemeet, and it was the best choice we could have made! Not only did she have so much knowledge of the country, history, and logistics of how to get around, but she also understood where each of our interests laid, and really found special things to point out for each of us. She brought lovely local treats with her everyday to make sure that we didn't get hungry or overtired as we toured, and she even encouraged us to try things other than what what we'd initially thought, and showed us some local spots that we would have missed entirely if not for her. It was great! She made sure to remember photo taking, and we have great memories of the trip together, and beautiful pics to show our friends.
Thank you Annemeet! 


Naomi Resnick

I have enjoyed many guided tours with Annemeet when my family comes to visit me here in Israel.  She is unique in her ability to construct all-day tours that accommodate an 80 year old and her 20 year old grandson.  Both of us have fun and learn a lot on her trips. On another trip with my artist daughter, Annemeet once again proved her amazing ability to blend our interests and abilities. 

Annemeet is extremely knowledgeable about the history and geography of Israel.  She has an open and inquiring mind, answering all questions with honesty and wisdom.  Her running commentaries and conversations are most enlightening and interesting. 

I always look forward to these family visits, not only because I love my family and miss them, but also because it affords me another opportunity to explore my beloved Israel with Annemeet as our guide.


Han Karels

From September 13 to 20, 2019, I went to Israel with a group of 33 travel companions. Annemeet was the guide and like an ambassador she showed us Israel. The information was given well and balanced. Every now and then a beautiful piece of music in the bus to close your eyes and let everything sink in.
Thank you very much for your inspiring words and your personality.


Willemijn Meijering-Henniphof

Wonderful to enjoy a very special and valuable week.

I already had a love for Israel and the Jewish people, but this has only grown thanks to Annemeet's enthusiasm, and her knowledge and love for the country. Thank you! Once again.


Jaap Verbruggen

Thanks again for the guiding. We have seen and heard a lot.

We still have to process it all. Israel was already and remains in our hearts.


Mar & Cora van der Windt

Thank you again for your personal warm contribution to the most beautiful journey of our lives!


Martine Boer

If you are going on a trip to Israel, make sure that Annemeet is your guide! Then it will certainly be a success.

Albert van der Wal.jpg

Albert van der Wal

Annemeet is a Top Guide. To be accompanied by her for one week through beautiful Israel was wonderful.

20171022_160441 - Copy (2).jpg

Nico van Ooik, Marja Dorreboom

Thank you very much for your guidance. In your own, authentic way you have not only guided us along the Biblical places, but above all also provided insight into the contemporary. That too is more than worth it.


Hans Kamstra

Top guide. Great to travel with her and she has a heart of gold.

DSCF0735 - Copy_edited_edited_edited.jpg

R. vd L. te A.

When visiting Israel, Annemeet arranged a visit to Ashkelon and the surrounding area for me. At her initiative we visited some beautiful Roman buildings. They were clearly not standard tourist attractions, because we had these impressive places almost to ourselves. On the return journey, Annemeet again pointed to special details in the landscape; where I would like to go with her in the future. Annemeet is a great guide and I look forward to my next meeting with her!

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