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The Israeli Primate Sanctuary

Updated: Jan 22

The Israeli Primate Sanctuary Foundation (IPSF) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to rehabilitate monkeys in need. This includes monkeys who have been retired from the laboratory, those who have been illegally smuggled into the country and any other monkey in need. This process is carried out in our sanctuary, which was started in 1996 and has so far received over 250 monkeys. More are referred for rehabilitation all the time. The sanctuary is recognized by the Israeli Animal Protection Law. The aims of the primate sanctuary are:

  1. To provide an immediate shelter for primates

  2. To provide professional care which includes psychological rehabilitation through an enriched environment, physical rehabilitation thorough correct nutrition and veterinary care.

  3. Help these monkeys regain their social skills so that they can rejoin monkeys of the same species. Living in a social group is essential for the mental well being of every primate.

  4. Find permanent placements for these primates, as individual or as groups, in professional and accredited zoos and parks, sanctuaries and re-introduction to nature programs.

  5. Implement birth control of primates in farms and zoos in Israel to prevent surplus primates entering the black pet trade.

  6. Increase the public awareness of the problem of illegal possession of primates as pets in Israel.

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